The Euljiro Eulogies

For better or worse, Seoul is always changing and reinventing itself through rapid construction and redevelopment. This is especially true in the historic area of Euljiro, a unique ecosystem comprised of small, privately owned hardware shops, garage-sized factories, and decades-old restaurants that have been the bedrock for the neighborhood’s manual laborers. Unfortunately, some parts of Euljiro are being gutted to make way for new high rise buildings and commercial skyscrapers, meaning the many shops and eateries from Euljiro 3ga and 4ga (known as District 3) up to Cheongyecheon Stream will be snuffed out before the final renovation date set for 2023. There is very little time before this important area succumbs to the same fate as other areas in Seoul, so here is a compilation of restaurants in this district that you can still experience before they’re gone.

Eulji OB Bear’s Nogari & Maekju 을지 OB 베어

Jeonju Jip’s Korean BBQ 전주집

Chungnam Sikdang’s Sool Anju 충남식당

Daewon Sikdang’s Baekban 대원식당

Dongwon Jip’s Gamjaguk 동원집

Wonjo Nokdu’s Jeon 원조녹두

Ahnsung Jip’s Yukgaejang 안성집

Saejin Sikdang’s Ojingeo Bokkeum 세진식당

Chosunok’s Yangnyeom Galbi 조선옥

Eulji Myeonok’s Pyongyang Naengmyeon 을지면옥C