KFC Eats

Koreans absolutely love their fried chicken. So much, in fact, that the number of fried chicken restaurants in Korea exceeds the number of McDonald’s globally (click here if you don’t believe me). After years of scouring every part of Seoul for the “best” fried chicken, I keep finding myself going back to a few select places that really do it right.  With that said, here is my personal collection of solid KFC joints in Seoul that have honed the art of making mind-blowingly crispy Korean-style fried chicken. 

None of these reviews are paid endorsements by any of the mentioned establishments. Furthermore, this blog is not monetized and functions solely as an open source for Korean food enthusiasts. (9)

Namwon Tongdak 남원통닭 (Cheongnyangri, Seoul)

Ungteori Tongdak 엉터리통닭 (Itaewon, Seoul)

Mirak Chicken HOF 미락치킨호프 (Gwanghwamun, Seoul)

Reggae Chicken 레게치킨 (Hongdae, Seoul)

“Hidden Place” 숨어있는집 (Jeju Island)

Sai Chicken 사이 치킨 + Gyeyeolsal Chicken 계열살 치킨 (Buam-dong, Seoul)

Noltuh 놀터 (Bongcheon-dong, Seoul)

Ungteori Tongdak 엉터리통닭 (Itaewon, Haebangchon, Seoul)

Hanchu 한추 (Apgujeong-dong, Seoul)

Ddobagi 또바기 치킨 (Sangsu Station, Hongdae)