Gisa Sikdang

Gisa sikdang is a restaurant specializing in fare for the hard-working taxi drivers in Korea, a picky bunch when it comes to food. They usually work 12-hour shifts with few breaks in between, so the worst thing that could happen to them is wasting that valuable time on crappy food. Fortunately for them, most gisa sikdangs cater to their every need by offering food that is delicious, filling, and reasonably priced. Parking-friendly and quick service are also hallmarks of most gisa sikdangs, making it a quick-eat for busy taxi drivers and regular citizens alike. If you happen to chat up with a driver, don’t hesitate to ask where to find good eats—they’ve been a great source for me over the years and some of their recommendations are listed down below.

None of these reviews are paid endorsements by any of the mentioned establishments. Furthermore, this blog is not monetized and functions solely as an open source for Korean food enthusiasts. (8)

Bibimbap @ Ilmi Gisa Sikdang 일미기사식당 (Hoegi-dong, Seoul)

Dak Gomtang @ Seopyeong Gisa Sikdang 서평기사식당 (Gangnam, Seoul)

Bossam @ Popeye Gisa Sikdang 뽀빠이 기사식당 (Gunja-dong, Seoul)

Bokkeumbap @ Songlim Sikdang 송림식당 (Konkuk Univ., Seoul)

Ggori Gomtang @ 35 Years Seolleongtang 35년전통설렁탕 (Cheonho, Seoul)

Bulbaek @ Hyungjae Gisa Sikdang 형제기사식당 (Gangdong-gu, Seoul)

Kimchi Jjigae @ Jangdokdae Kimchi Jjigae 장독대김치찌개 (Cheongdam, Seoul)

Dweji Bulbaek @ Yeongdong Snack Car 영동스낵카 (Gangnam, Seoul)