Huge congratulations to halmoni and halaboji at the oil shop who were featured on a popular morning show to highlight their amazing hand-crafted oils. To celebrate, we enjoyed some ice cream and chestnut halmoni’s steamed corn, which they initially refused because they had just eaten lunch, but then proceeded to eat the whole lot. From one halmoni to another, she said the steamed corn were cooked perfectly, which isn’t an easy feat apparently, and knew whoever cooked them had mad cooking skills. When I told her it was the same halmoni who hand-roasted the chestnuts over an open flame, she nodded her head in approval and said bring more next time. Good to see them—finally—recognized for their 50+ years of hard work and dedication. Thank you sincerely to all those who have purchased the oils from near and afar. The sesame and perilla oil can now be ordered globally at the site below. I will not be sending out any of their oils UNLESS you ordered previously or you’re interested in their other products like toasted sesame seeds (brown and black) and misugaru (grain powder), which can’t be ordered online. Again, it’s the same pricing if you go through me or the online shop, but I hope you continue to support them because you’re getting premium products without a premium price tag in return. Thanks again everyone for the support! 🙏

Global website: global.11st.co.kr (search “haedong oil”)

Six-month selfie and mukbang.Can’t thank everyone enough for supporting this halmoni and halaboji and their humble little oil shop. Whether it be through purchase, donation, or even a warm message of support, they’ve found great joy seeing their precious oils traveling near and far while also being used for good locally to help small shops just like their own. Would love to personally thank everyone but, out of fear I might forget names, I’ll just say your selfless contribution hasn’t gone unnoticed and I’ve tagged those who really kickstarted the initiative from the very beginning. More importantly, every visit to the shop is about learning something new from them. Here are some notable tidbits that come to mind:• While growing up, halmoni’s mother had a very successful restaurant in Pocheon. However, the Korean War (simply known as 6.25 to locals) ended the dreams of millions, including her mother, forcing her entire family to flee and resettle down south.• Halaboji worked at the popular restaurant Hanil-gwan for many years as part of personal management staff until retiring at age 60. He found a second career by helping halmoni at the shop which, back then, was a bustling business unlike today.• Their entire family loves food and food work. Halmoni’s daughter walked away from her wildly successful donkkaseu restaurant in Ilsan due to overwork and stress from managing employees. Prioritizing health and happiness over money, she just opened a new restaurant near her home in Paju where she now works both front and back of house by herself. Her IG handle, assisted by yours truly, is @katze while @dr is being run by the halmoni’s daughter-in-law.


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