Modern Babsang 모던밥상 (Apgujeong, Seoul)

[update: the restaurant has unfortunately closed]

Got to enjoy another nice restaurant in the Sinsa-dong, Garosugil area specializing in traditional Korean fare. If any of you are familiar with Garosugil, you will know that it’s dominated by a lot of Western food, swanky coffee shops, and boutique shops. So when my dear friend and I stumbled upon this restaurant (practically hidden between the larger shops), it was a nice little find for us Hansik lovers.

For tonight’s meal, we got to sample the Yachae Ssambab 야채쌈밥 (Spicy Pork w Lettuce Wraps) and Jeonju-sik Dolsot Bibimbab 전주식 돌솥 비빔밥 (Rice w Mixed Vegetables from Jeonju). And I can say with certainty both dishes tasted great; nothing too fancy or pretentious, just clean, fresh, and delicious. Although it was slightly on the pricey side with smaller than expected portions (16,000 & 13,000 won respectively), the price reflects the area itself and not the actual food (at least I hope). After checking other blog posts, it appears this place is a hit-or-miss with its customers. Lucky for us, it was a hit on this night and left us feeling satisfied and content.

Lastly, the ambiance and interior deserve some praise too. The color scheme (a lot of pink tones), dimmed lighting, and even the fake tree created a soothing, relaxed atmosphere that made this dining experience enjoyable. Not sure why, but the colors kept reminding me of those articles about the effects of color on human emotion and feeling. What I am saying is that if you’re looking for a restaurant with a lot of lighting, loud music, and a very casual, informal atmosphere, this place is probably not for you. But if you’re looking for the opposite, then you’ll like this hard-to-find restaurant on the main street in Garosugil.

Food★★★★ out of 5 stars

Service: ★★★½ out of 5 stars

Ambiance: ★★ out of 5 stars

Value: ★★½ out of 5 stars

Modern Babsang 모던밥상

545-20, Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu 서울시 강남구 신사동 545-20

Telephone: 02-546-6782

Hours of Operation: 10am ~ 10pm

Click here for an interactive map:


Jeonju-sik Dolsot Bibimbab 전주식 돌솥 비빔밥 (Rice w Mixed Vegetables from Jeonju province). Simple, clean, and delicious.
YachaeSsambab 야채쌈밥 (Lettuce Variety Wrap w Spicy Pork) . Smaller than expected portions but good nonetheless.
YachaeSsambab 야채쌈밥 (Lettuce Variety Wrap w Spicy Pork)

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