KFC Eats

This page is a personal collection of my favorite Korean Fried Chicken (aka KFC) joints in Seoul. Most are old-school places that have honed the art of making mind-blowingly crispy fried chicken. If you love fried chicken as much as I do, you won’t regret visiting any one of these special places. 

Reggae Chicken 레게치킨 (Hongdae, Seoul)

Sai Chicken 사이 치킨 + Gyeyeolsal Chicken 계열살 치킨 (Buam-dong, Seoul)

Noltu 놀터 (Bongcheon-dong, Seoul)

Ungteori Tongdak 엉터리통닭 (Itaewon, Haebangchon, Seoul)

Hanchu 한추 (Apgujeong-dong, Seoul)

Ddobagi 또바기 치킨 (Sangsu Station, Hongdae)