Hotteok 호떡 (Jongro, Seoul)

“Glad to see you back. And you changed your menu. I was a big fan of your fried chicken with perilla leaves.”

“Unfortunately, those weren’t selling as foot traffic, especially younger patrons, has declined over the years. So that’s why I took some time off to improve on Korea’s classic dessert: hotteok. Although they look simple and easy to make, there’s a big difference between good ones and great ones. I personally dislike hotteok that are fried in a lot of oil, so I came up with a batter that wouldn’t need any oil. That’s right, not a single drop of oil is used to make these hotteok. Take a look at the ingredient list and you’ll see how it’s possible. If you see any other vendor selling non-oily hotteok for 1,000 won, please let me know because it’s not something I’ve come across.”

Previous post: Terrific dakgangjung (sweet n sticky boneless fried chicken) vendor near Jongro 3ga Station. Unlike others, the creative ajjeoshi packs in minty perilla leaves and spicy chili peppers into the batter. This gives the fried chicken multiple flavors instead of being sickly sweet and salty. If I hadn’t been biking on this day, I would have easily scarfed down a half order for only 7,000 won. Pictured is their single serving for a very respectable 3,000 won. Highly recommended if you’re in the Jongro area—specifically exit 15 and adjacent to YBM English Academy.


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