The Haenyeo Diaries: Day 2

These photos were taken about a month ago with another group of Haenyeo from a nearby village. Just wanting to take a stroll and get some air, I had no idea I’d be seeing them since it was freezing cold and the ocean swells were strong and chaotic. But by looking out into the ocean, I immediately spotted their orange buoy-like floats (called tewak) that hold their catch in net sacks. The interesting part of this encounter was that they were diving near a popular fishing ground with men fishing for their catch while the Haenyeo endure the icy cold waters. Like me, I’m pretty sure the fishermen were in awe, and it reminded me of a recent article where one Haenyeo said the following: “Men are lazy. They can’t dive. They are weak under the sea, where it’s really life or death.” Sad to say, but I would have to agree with her.


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