Jeju Slobbie 제주 슬로비 (Aewol-ri, Jeju City)

Recently, I got to enjoy one of the tastiest and healthiest bibimbap (rice mixed w vegetables) on the island with MJ and some friends. And if you can believe it (I couldn’t), it’s full-on vegetarian with several mushroom varieties providing a “meaty” texture. Other toppings include thinly shaved radish strips, seaweed, aster saber (chwinamul 취나물), lettuce, fried egg, and did I forget to mention mushrooms? Even more unique, the dish uses a soy-based sauce instead of the standard spicy version for a mild yet savory flavor. Although I’m perfectly happy with regular bibimbap that includes a bountiful array of vegetables and meat in a spicy red pepper sauce, it was a nice surprise getting a vegetarian version filled with seasonal, local ingredients straight from Jeju Island. The other dishes we got on this visit was the Hongdae Curry w Chicken Tenders (10,000 won) and Saebyul Dweji Oreum (Char Sui Pork on Shredded Cabbage) for 13,000 won. Both were solid dishes that complimented the other dishes very well—so much, in fact, that everyone in our group seemed to have a hard time picking which one to eat first . We ended up sharing everything Korean-style. 🙂

So, what’s this place that serves up such delectable, healthy dishes? The place is called Jeju Slobbie (pronounced “slow-bee” and stands for “slow but better”), a restaurant-cafe-bakery that is not only making bomb food, but they’re being sustainable and giving back to their community. They are one of the few places that support the growing slow food movement, sourcing their ingredients from local farmers and focusing on mainly vegan/vegetarian dishes. In addition to being a healthy, eco-friendly restaurant, they also support various causes domestically and globally. At home here in Korea, they train and support underprivileged youth through the Young Chef’s internship and mentoring program. Abroad, proceeds from their in-house Eco-Shop (Hongdae branch only), which sells handcrafted items and kitchenware, support children in Cambodia. And if this wasn’t good enough, they hold regular cooking classes, publish a bi-monthly magazine focusing on healthier eating and living, and much more.

Currently, there are three locations including Cafe Slobbie in Hongdae, Sungbuk Slobbie in Sungbuk-dong, and Jeju Slobbie in Aewol.

Food ★★★★ out of 5 stars

Service: ★★★★½ out of 5 stars

Ambiance: ★★★★½ out of 5 stars

Value: ★★★★ out of 5 stars


Jeju Slobbie (제주 슬로비)

Address:  1587 Aewol-ri, Aewol-eup, Jeju City (애월읍 애월리 1587 애월리사무소 복지회관 1층)

Phone: 064-799-5535

Hours: Open daily 11am ~ 9pm, daily break time from 3~5pm

Slobbie Life Official Page:

Directions via Naver map


Aewol Bibimbab 애월비빔밥 @ 9,000원
Hongdae Curry w Chicken Tenders 홍대커리와 닭튀김 @ 10,000 won.
Saebyul Dweji Oreum 새별돼지오름 (Char Sui Pork on Shaved Cabbage)
Up Close Saebyul Dweji Oreum 새별돼지오름 (Char Sui Pork on Shaved Cabbage)

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