Fresh Hwe 회 (Raw Fish) and Camping Star 캠핑스타 (Hamdeok Beach, Jeju Island)

Camping and hwe 회 (raw fish). Sounds like the perfect combination, right? Right! With the new year just around the corner, I wanted to introduce a few of my favorite places on Jeju Island that I regularly take friends visiting from the mainland. One is an awesome caravan camping place near Hamdeok Beach called Camping Star and the other is a fishery (수산) serving up fresh caught fish sliced into hwe pieces to-go. Ironically, the latter was recently introduced to me and a group of close friends by the owners of the camping place.

The camping site is located at the edge of Seoubong Peak and is part of Hamdeok Beach, which is well-known for its white sand beaches and clear blue waters. At the top of Seoubong Peak (which takes a leisure 10 minute hike), you have sweeping views of Jeju’s coastline and makes for an ideal spot for sunrise/sunset seekers. As for the caravan camping, the term “camping” might throw some people off, but I assure you the place has everything you need with minimal preparation—a clean bed, extra blankets, heater/air conditioner, TV, small kitchen, shower, fridge, and free wi-fi are just a few of the amenities. There is practically nothing you need to prepare other than food (unless you choose to eat out at one of the many nearby restaurants) and extra clothes. Even better, the costs are very reasonable compared to the more expensive hotels, pensions, and resorts in the area. Original prices are reflected in the graph below, but mention Mykoreaneats (or Jason) to get the following discount rates: 25% off during high and peak seasons / 40% off during off-season. ^^

I am not a big fan of hwe 회 or anything raw for that matter. However, when my friends come from the mainland in search of quality raw fish, I skip the expensive hwe restaurants and take them directly to a fishery/fishmonger a few kilometers from the Hamdeok area in Jocheon. Here you can get fresh caught seafood like gwangeo (flatfish), ureok (rockfish), muneo (octopus),bangeo (yellowtail) and at a fraction of the cost. On one particular visit, our group of four had three large yellowtail meticulously prepped for carry-out at 50,000 won (approx. $50 US dollars). It was nice not only saving all that money, but seeing my friends trying to finish off the huge platter of yellowtail hwe was quite a sight. By the way, I did try a few pieces and it had a unique taste and texture—slightly chewy, tender, and meaty come to mind. For serious hwe-lovers, I highly recommend this alternative way to get some super fresh seafood. ^^


RV there yet? Go camping! ~ Anonymous

It’s okay to eat fish because they don’t have any feelings.  ~ Kurt Cobain


Camping Star 캠핑스타

San 4, Hamdeok-ri, Jocheon-eup (제주시 조천읍 함덕리 산 4)

Phone: 064-782-0053 (for English, ask for Justin)

Click here for the official website (in Korean):

For an interactive map:


Jocheon Fishery 조천수산 

2714-5 Jocheon-ri, Jocheon-eup (제주시 조천읍 조천리 2714-5)

Phone: 064-782-1426 or 017-693-1426 (Korean speakers only)

Hours: Open every day 10am ~ 6pm, calling in advance highly recommended for availability and quote

For an interactive map:


처음으로 > 예약안내 > 객실요금
카라반구분 객실 수 이용가능인원(occupancy) 평수기 (off-season) 준성수기 (high)
6~7월, 9~10월
극성수기 (peak)
기준(min) 최대(max) 주중(~day) 주말(~end) 주중 주말 주중 주말
플래티넘 (Platinum) 11 4 6 170,000 200,000 200,000 230,000 230,000 250,000 10,000
골드 (Gold) 8 2 4 150,000 180,000 180,000 210,000 210,000 230,000 10,000
스탠다드 (Standard) 1 4 6 170,000 200,000 200,000 230,000 230,000 250,000 10,000

Mention this blog post and get discount rates!


Just like camping trailers and caravans back home, this has everything you need including TV, shower, and beds.
With so many nearby restaurants, the kitchen didn’t get much use on our visit.
Camping caravan #1 (our usual spot) has a pristine view of the ocean and the peak located on the right.
Even in the summer, this smaller beach doesn’t get crowded like the main beach.
The camping site has about 20 caravans that accommodate 2-6 people.
Another view from the camping site.
Walking trail up Seoubong Peak.
View from the top of Seoubong Peak.
View from the top of Seoubong Peak.
Jocheon fishery housing fresh caught fish and seafood. Make sure to call ahead and pre-order, otherwise expect a minimum 20-minute wait as the fishmonger preps the fish.
Full platter of bangeo (yellowtail) for four people.
The lettuce and perilla leaves were bought at the local market while the dipping sauces were complimentary.
Dipped in chojang (sweet red pepper sauce), wrap the fish and eat. Repeat until your stomach bursts.
Do the same with perilla leaves. ^^

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One Comment

  1. xinyi
    May 23, 2017

    wanna convey my deepest thanks to jason for helping my frens and i arrange a stay at this caravan park in jeju on hamdeok beach 😀 itz never pleasant to be the middle man but he was super helpful and went beyond what was expected, esp when we are strangers. thanks so much because it was an enjoyable experience; the owners were super sweet and helpful even taking us in his 7-seater to a nearby kimbap place to grab breakfast. they even offered us instant coffee, soju or beer haha the caravan park was an excellent location, near yummy restaurants and the cafes 🙂 and supermarkets/ convenient stores. the beach and surrounding scenery was so beautiful >< wished we cld have stayed longer than 2 nights~

    i got the contact of the owner's son who can speak english so next time, i can email and do the booking on my own 🙂 would defs go back there, and im telling all my frens abt it 😀

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