Hanip Sanghwe Naembi Dak 한입상회 냄비닭 (Jeju City, Jeju)

What’s better than a big pot full of chicken, seafood, and a “few” other ingredients in a spicy broth? Apparently nothing, this according to the owners at Hanip Sanghwe Naembi Dak (literally “One Bite Restaurant Pot Chicken”). Located in Oedo-dong (there are two other branches in Jeju city), they are serving up some delicious chicken (think dakbokkuemtang), fresh seafood, noodles, green onions, onions, and tteok, all in a sinus-clearing spicy broth. Just to be clear, we can usually handle spicy pretty well, but this dish packs some serious heat. And for further reference, we ordered the mildest version out of four different levels and we still came out looking like we just got out of a jjimjilbang (this is not a complaint). As for the main ingredients, everything worked great together despite our initial apprehension. The tender pieces of chicken and seafood were devoured within minutes, while the veggies and noodles were a nice contrast to all the protein. Overall, we loved the food (esp the post-meal fried rice), we liked the modest atmosphere with K-pop music playing in the background, and lastly, we enjoyed trying to decipher some of the many phrases they had plastered on the wall written in the native Jeju language (see pics below).

Their signature dishes are their basic Naembi Dak with chicken and seafood for a very reasonable 19,000 won (for 2 people) and 29,000 won (for 4 people), Naembi Odak with chicken, seafood, and ogyeopsal for 30,000 won (for 2) and 40,000 won (for 4), and Naembi Don with chicken, seafood, and pork for 19,000 won (for 2) and 29,000 (for 4). If this wasn’t enough, we highly recommend their popular cheese nureungji bab for 2,000 won— a ball of scorched rice with cheese made into fried rice with the remaining sauce (so good!).

There is one caveat to consider when visiting this restaurant and they let customers know about it in advance. It takes about 20 minutes for the dish to be prepared. The chicken is fully cooked upon arrival, but then it’s cooked again on a portable gas stove to finish off the seafood and vegetables. Personally, I don’t mind waiting (and having a drink in between?) for good food. Believe me, they serve good food.

“We all eat, and it would a sad waste of opportunity to eat badly.” ~ Anna Thomas

Korean Vocabulary Explained:
Han-ip 한입 - one bite or mouthful
Sang-hwe 상회 - restaurant, store, or shop (old-fashioned term)
Naem-bi 냄비 - pot or pan
Dak 닭 - chicken
Saeng-dak 생닭 - fresh or raw chicken
Dak-bokk-eum-tang 닭볶음탕 - spicy braised chicken dish
Tteok 떡 - rice cakes
O-gyeop-sal 오겹살 - five-layered pork belly
Nu-reung-ji 누릉지 - scorched rice 
Jjim-jil-bag 찜질방 - sauna 

Food: ★★★★½ out of 5 stars

Service: ★★★½ out of 5 stars

Ambiance: ★★★½ out of 5 stars

Value: ★★★★½ out of 5 stars

Hanip Sanghwe Naembi Dak 한입상회 냄비닭 (literally “One Bite Restaurant Pot Chicken”)

Woojung-ro 11 Street 14, Jeju City (제주시 우정로11길 14(외도1동)

Phone: 064-749-0023

Hours of Operation: Monday to Friday from 11am ~ 2pm, 4pm ~ 12am / Saturdays 3pm ~ 12am / Closed Sundays

Directions to Oedo-branch: http://me2.do/F0XKewgU

Naembi Dak (Yeon-dong)

2312-3 Yeon-dong, Jeju City (제주 제주시 연동 2312-3)

Phone: 064-745-3339

Directions to Yeon-dong branch: http://me2.do/GKFo01ob

Naembi Dak (Nohyeong-dong)

1045-13 Nohyeong-dong, Jeju City (제주 제주시 노형동 1045-13)

Phone: 070-8658-2296

Directions to Nohyeong-dong branch: http://me2.do/FdhsIlZ8

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