Hankki 한끼 (Itaewon, Seoul)

Here is a decent Korean-Japanese teppanyaki-style restaurant a few friends and I made a visit to several weeks ago. I have been wanting to visit this place for quite some time after seeing it on one of the local food channels and luckily it didn’t disappoint, at least food wise. I’m in no way an expert on Japanese cuisine (my two friends are) so when I saw there was little talking going on during our meal I knew the food was pretty good. I personally enjoyed every dish that came out (four in total), but for some reason or another, those four dishes weren’t enough to fill me up (nor my friends) despite adding a few glasses of beer to the mix. Besides this little downer, we enjoyed the upbeat ambiance with lively dance music blaring in the background and customers at the open grill enjoying their theatrically-prepared food. As much as I enjoy friendly threesomes, this place is ideal for couples on first dates and those with a lot of disposable income.

“Everything in moderation…including moderation.” ~ Julia Child

Hankki 한끼
Yongsan-gu, Hannam-dong 737-2
Telephone: 02-703-8808

Hours of Operation: Open daily 6pm ~ 5am

For directions to Hankki: http://me2.do/GfEvnlv8


Gaeran Mari @ 9,000 won
Kkaetnip and Samgyeopsal (Perilla Leaves N Grilled Pork Belly) @ 15,500 won.
Hankki Okonomiyaki @ 15,000 won.
Sobameshi Bokkeumbab (Fried Rice) @ 15,000 won.






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