1. this squid is marvelous, i love squid alot and yours look so good.

    • 5/8/2014

      thanks, i appreciate the kind words. honestly, i boiled the squid first and learned the hard way how chewy it can get. luckily, a quick pan-fry turned it back to normal. ^^

      • really, to me i love to cook but always scared to make rubbery squid. now ur recipe can help those who love to eat and want the best result of the squid, thanks for sharing ^_^

      • 5/9/2014

        you’re welcome. i hope your squid turns out well. ^^

  2. 5/9/2014

    Jason, nice try for the first time!
    Next time try not to split open the tube, so you will need one toothpick instead of one box of it.
    Steaming the stuffed squid(you don’t need fancy steamer, colander will do nicely) also prevents it getting rubbery 😉

    • 5/9/2014

      Thank you for the advice. Actually, I’ve worked with it several times but never the whole version like this. And yes, I desperately tried not splitting the body but the head would not come out. ^^ Have you tried squid by steaming? I’ve had it boiled n steamed yet it always comes out rubbery n chewy.

      • 5/9/2014

        Yes, I did try steaming it actually, as it was another method after deep frying to get it right.
        The secret is in timing-one only needs to steam the squid for 8-10 minutes until it turns opaque.
        There is no need to worry about inside-the-meat temperature, it’s not a turkey breast after all 😉

      • 5/9/2014

        That’s great yours turn out so well via steaming. I think I’m gonna stick to deep frying and pan frying for future recipes. ^^

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