1. lovely and yummy fried rice easy and quick, really like this combination, with the egg on top.

    • 5/1/2014

      thank you jong! we eat this dish whenever we have leftover rice, which really means we eat it every week. ^^

      • thats a very great way to finish the white rice and my husband would love it..good food never seem bored ^_^

      • 5/1/2014

        you’re totally right. i love when food doesn’t go to waste but at the same time comes out equally as delicious. ^^

  2. Just found your blog via your comment on my Food52 recipe for kimchi bokkeumbap, and I’m so glad I did! I love Korean food (obviously) so I’m always happy to discover beautiful blogs where I can learn more about it! ^^

    • 5/2/2014

      Thank you Allison! If you ever need any info on Korean food, don’t hesitate to ask me. ^^

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