1. This looks delicious and I’d love to try it! Glass noodles are a favorite of mine 🙂

    • 3/14/2014

      Thank you for the kind words. Glass noodles are great. I usually put them in all my stews to add some different textures. If I may ask, what do you use them for?

  2. Tabitha

    adore glass noodles! i’m from hawaii and we use them to make Chicken Long Rice. As i’ve gotten older i have found several dishes that just work better with these little darlings. i have made Japchae before (with beef) but never a vegetarian version. my son (12) recently decided he wants to be one so i’m pretty happy i came upon this recipe! i know i could have just left out the meat but i have found that when you do that, something is just not right. all the seasonings are based off of having the meat. anywho. thank you for this lovely recipe! have it on the menu for tomorrow 😀 will let you know how it goes

    • 4/1/2014

      glad you enjoyed the dish. let me know how it turns out meat or no meat. ^^

  3. Tabitha

    it was great! we added more garlic, an extra bell pepper, spinach, and more green onion. i put pepper on mine haha i like pepper. my son put sriracha on the side of his plate. thank you for this recipe. my kids (from ages 1 to 12) loved it and asked that i make it again. 😀

    • 4/2/2014

      glad that it turned out well! your son has some good taste, i love sriracha sauce on everything! ^^

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