Dak Bokkeum Tang 닭볶음탕 (Spicy Braised Chicken)

Several weeks ago I made a visit to Chuncheon, home of the popular dakgalbi dish (spicy barbecue chicken), and was able to try out some excellent old-school sootbul dakgalbi (bbq chicken grilled on charcoals) that I had never had before (see pic below). For those who are unfamiliar with this type of dakgalbi, the chicken pieces are marinated overnight in a spicy sauce […]

Korean Spicy Chicken Tacos

With a craving for something more Western (Southwestern if you’re living in the States), I decided to make Korean-style tacos using flour tortillas surprisingly found at my local market. When I saw the tortillas, it instantly reminded me of the time I made a rockin kogi kimchi quesadilla back in the days, making me salivate […]